Kirsty Morrison

Resident osteopath at Angel Yard Osteopaths

My name is Kirsty Morrison, I am the resident osteopath at Angel Yard Osteopaths. I moved to Sileby High Street in July 2017 to live in the village and to set up a little practice.

I qualified as an osteopath in 2014. My treatment scope is broad, I see patients from 12 to 90 yrs with many different musculoskeletal problems. I’m also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist and Medical Acupuncturist (dry needling).

I’ve tried to summarise everything on the following pages which you might need to know about what I do, and what to expect if you make an appointment with me however if you would just prefer to talk to me, you are very welcome to do so on 01509 812119



Kirsty is my first port of call for any back or knee problems. She has worked wonders with my back, regular treatments have eased the pain and stiffness considerably. She’s also friendly and approachable and puts people at ease which is very important for any practitioner.