Coronavirus update for patients

To all my patients and visitors to this site, please be advised that I have decided to re-open the practice from Monday 18 May 2020 under special, specific circumstances.

The current advice from our governing body (General Osteopathic Council) and professional body (Institute of Osteopathy) is that we are allowed to see ‘urgent’ cases for osteopathic treatment. The government advice mirrors this as osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists have not been mandated to close under current legislation.

To help you to decide whether to book an appointment, the justification for an ‘urgent’ appointment is where your pain level/discomfort is such that you would go and see your GP for help and advice if you couldn’t come and see me. Therefore, in being able to see me and not go to the GP this helps to ease the burden on the NHS and allows the GP to focus on other patient groups.

At the time of booking your appointment, I will talk to you about your symptoms and history before you come in to minimise the time we need to spend talking face to face. If you book online, I will contact you by phone so please include your phone number on the registration form.

If you have booked an appointment and subsequently develop any symptoms of the Coronavirus (a high temperature or new continuous cough) please notify me ASAP so I can cancel your appointment. There is no financial penalty for doing this, I will simply re-book your appointment when you are better. Also, if you decide that you don’t want to come in for any reason, please know that it is OK to cancel your appointment.

Between patients there will be at least a 30 minute gap to air the treatment room and disinfect surfaces (plinth/pillow coverings/door handles/credit card machine etc) I would ask you to come alone for treatment unless you want a chaperone with you, and please attend your appointment promptly. I may also ask you to bring your own towel/blanket to cover you during treatment as I will not be using any fabric couch coverings/towels to minimise the risk of infection.

I will be washing my hands frequently. When you arrive for treatment, I will provide you with a surgical mask and hand sanitiser before you come into the treatment area. In line with legislation, I will be wearing a plastic apron/face mask/face visor and gloves where appropriate.

I would ask that payment is made by card wherever possible unless you have the correct cash amount. Current prices are £45 for an initial assessment/treatment and £35 for a follow up treatment.

As ever, I am at the end of a phone/email/messenger and am very happy to discuss any concerns or answer any questions about treatment with me. These measures will continue as long as necessary to protect you/me and any other patients coming into the practice.

Kirsty Morrison